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Mandor, for Solving Competitive Construction Business in Indonesia

Hary Agus Rahardjo and Henni Bermawi
Abstract—In the construction industry in Indonesia, building contractors are very much depend on mandor. The mandor is a person who also has capability to hire people to work together for a certain time, certain location and certain purpose at construction project. Mandor is not quite the same as foreman. In line with construction activities growth in urban area, demand for qualified building contractor is necessity. Building contractor is a company which has a contract to develop a building construction. Collaboration of best contractor and best mandor is the answer. The question is how to make the best mandor and best contractor.

Index Terms—Mandor, building contractor, construction.

The authors are with the University of Persada Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (e-mail: rahardjo30@ yahoo.com; henn1_bm@ yahoo.com).


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