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Proceeding International Conference on Contruction Industri

The Strategic Building Material Needs and Distribution Map to Support Housing Development Acceleration Program in Indonesia


Dwi Dinariana1, Hary Agus Rahardjo2, ST Trikariatoto3
1Engineering Faculty, Universitas Persada Indoensia
Email: dwidinariana@yahoo.com
2Engineering Faculty, Universitas Persada Indoensia
Email: rahardjo30@yahoo.com
3Engineering Faculty, Universitas Persada Indoensia
Email: trikarias@yahoo.com


Housing development program for low income society nationally in Indonesia is not achieving an expected target. There are several constraints, among others are primarily pricing, which is significantly effected by building material used in each housing location; secondly, the purchasing power of the society mentioned above, which still can not afford; and thirdly, Housing location, which is dominantly related to the availability of the building materials needed. One solution in order to accelerate housing development program is generating research about the needs and the availability of building materials which is strategically used in the housing development for the low income society. This research is conducted in 8 cities, such as JABODETABEK, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Medan, Makasar, Banjarmasin and Jayapura based on the existing national Housing Development Program pointed out by the Ministry for Housing Settlement. The expecting outcome of this research is the map about distribution and condition of needs and availability of the strategic building materials which contains: 1). the distribution of Housing demand, 2). the distribution of item and needs of the strategic building materials, 3). the distribution of Strategic building material industry to fulfill the development needs. This research outcome is necessary and valuable in supporting the efficiency and supply guaranty to accelerate housing development program for low income society in Indonesia

Keywords: Strategic, Building Material, Map, Housing, Acceleration. 

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