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The Importance of Strategic Plan for Preventing Flood in Jakarta


Hary Agus Rahardjo and Budiartho Saada
Engineering Faculty, Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I, Jakarta, Indonesia.



Floods that hit several places in Jakarta area have caused loss of life, property, objects, comforts, and interfere with community activities in daily life. Repeated flooding events that happen in almost every 5 years should have given serious consideration. Flood mitigation measures which are too focused on technical aspects such as only carrying out the construction of flood control, proved ineffective. It needs a significant integrated step to reduce the area of inundation in the city. This paper will address the strategic plan to prevent flooding by digging on strategic issues, and the causes root. The aim is to support the achievement of development goals through the drainage plans, programs and integrated activities. Interests of the strategic plan will also relate to the determination of priorities for the management of urban drainage in flood control efforts in urban areas. Strategic plan involves not only technical devices in flood control planning, but also involves the operation and maintenance of existing technical devices effectively and efficiently. Therefore the strategic plan will include various aspects, such as institutional aspects, regulatory aspects and regulations, financing aspects, aspects of community empowerment, and cooperation with the private sector. Study methods used in the analysis of the importance of the strategic plan are done through the study of literature, the study of existing laws and regulations, interviews with experts and officials of relevant agencies and field observations in the flood-affected areas. In conclusion, the Strategic Plan is very important and can be a model for a systematic effort in the flood management in other urban areas in Indonesia.

Keywords: Strategic Plan, Flood, operation, maintenance

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