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Proceeding Sustain 2011 International Conference Kyoto



 (Study on Willingness to Accept and to Pay of North Bekasi District Community)


Hary Agus Rahardjo1

1College of Engineering, University of Persada Indonesia

 Corresponding author: rahardjo@yahoo.com



The usages of groundwater for daily activities directly are very common in Bekasi, Indonesia. But, in  the other side, there is sludge leaking from existing individual septic tank built by the communities themselves. This situation is indicated by number of E-Coli which is increasing. One of the solutions is conducting waste water management services for this on site system. The local government in Bekasi is trying to initiate this service to handle this leaking problem by offering communal  septic  tank  system  as  an  alternative  solution. The purpose of this study is analyzing willingness to accept and willingness to pay for on site system waste water management services of North Bekasi District community using contingent valuation method approach. As a result, willingness to accept of this community tends to be low. This is related to the culture, educational level, and the needs of  physical changes in  dwelling and environment as a  consequence of  communal system improvement. Although the willingness to pay of this community also tend to be low, this study results recommendation, that tariff could be rated based on income level. The conclusion is that community empowerment especially awareness to the environmentally healthy, has to be promoted consistently and the local government has to take responsibility for this matter.


 Keyword: management, waste water, on site system, willingness to accept, willingness to pay

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